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App development and maintenance

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App Development and Maintenance
Tailor-made apps with a perfect fit for your business

With the world quickly shifting towards a mobile-based point of view, businesses place high priority on having a great mobile presence. The market is swamped with so-called “turnkey” or “plug and play” offerings, which claim to cover the needs of any business. At SHD, we’re sure that a mobile app cannot fit into a “one size fits all” mentality.

The SDH team of app developers and engineers offers solutions built specifically for your business. Our creativity and expertise will ensure that we build a custom, multi-platform mobile app that covers your business goals, or share our knowledge to help your existing assets shine.

SDH manages the whole app lifecycle

We develop mobile apps with your business in mind. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their business goals are met in our application solutions.

We reimagine and reengineer your old assets to make them modern and innovative. Make your unprofitable and inefficient app shine once again!

We provide a maintenance service to ensure that your app is always up to date, performing wonderfully and is in tune with your business goals.

SDH is as involved as you want it to be

Here at SDH, we pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients’ needs. This is why we offer a flexible and dynamic service, where our team can be as involved as you want it to be. Whether you want us to develop your app from start to finish, or just need a consultancy service, SDH can adapt to your needs, so you don’t have to. Here are some ways in which SDH can collaborate with your company:

  • Project work: we can develop, built and deliver a custom multi-platform mobile app based on your specifications.
  • An extension of your team: our specialists can join your team as contractors to provide expert support on an app development project.
  • Maintenance: we can support your existing app with updates and curating services so that your team can focus on their next big task.

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UI/UX design

Intuitive design to make your business shine and put your users at ease.

UX/UI Design
Hassle-free user experience for successful businesses

User experience can be the differentiating factor that makes or breaks a great product. This is becoming especially important in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. The modern consumer is used to a seamless interface, which is clean and intuitive to use. SDH can assert that havingexceptional UX/UI design is integral to any product-oriented company’s success.

As a company, SDH has spent years perfecting its skills in designing interfaces that reflect the user’s needs, are pleasant to look at and ensure an all-round outstanding product experiences. Our experts in this field form an essential part of our company called SDH Creative Labs. Our seasoned team of UX/UI Design professionals will create a seamless experience for your users that will ensure profitability for your business.

SDH Creative Labs creates meaningful experiences

We create new user interfaces from scratch, following the full UX/UI product lifecycle, from the original idea, to prototyping and wireframing, to delivering a marketable product.

We dissect your product and your user’s needs to provide you with usability audits, reviews and testing.

We offer consulting services from our stellar team to review your prototypes and wireframes against the market’s increasing pressures.

SDH Creative Labs has unmatched industry experience

Our unique team of experts brings together User Experience and User Interface Design experience from a wide array of diverse industries, such as Finance, e-Commerce, Digital, Hotels, Fitness and Leisure, Retail and Restaurants. Whatever your product, our specialists will enhance your user’s experience,bringing value to your brand and tangible profits to your business.

Get in touch if your UX is in need of reviewing, or you need to create a new interface!

IT and Digital Consultancy

Expert advice and solutions to take your business to the next level.

IT and Digital Consultancy
Advice from industry experts to boost your business outcomes

SDH’s biggest asset is the expertise of its professional team. As a company, we realize that some of our clients may not need ready-made solutions or services, but we understand that anybody can benefit from the unique perspective that a group of seasoned digital professionals can offer. Our main business objective is to exceed our clients’ expectations and we achieve this through either our bespoke solutions, or out consulting services.

SDH can provide professional consultancy services on a range of digital issues. We can review your processes, your team organization and the effectiveness of your IT and web-based assets. Through a personalized approach, we will provide help you reach towards digital excellence.

SDH experts can consult on all aspects of IT and digital

Our team can help you develop a digital strategy, implement a roadmap and jumpstart your digital transformation to boost your business performance.

We will consult you on your IT and Digital operational, organizational and developmental issues to help you see pathways towards greater growth.

Our expert team can help you gather business intelligence (BI) on the IT and Digital aspects of your business to help you make effective decisions to improve your business outcomes.

SDH fosters high standards while maintaining flexibility

SDH has a proven track record for being a thought leader in IT and Digital. This is largely due to the strong and varied background of our experts. Our company unites strong professionals in multi-channel strategy development, digital marketing, mobile strategy and execution, IT architecture and web development.

You can benefit from our consulting services in two ways:
  • - By ordering a pre-packaged consulting solution. During these sessions, our experts will address one of a long list of frequently encountered problems in your specific industry.
  • - By choosing a custom-built consulting relationship. Our team will conduct a thorough audit of your IT and Digital practices to identify problems and provide you with actionable solutions.

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Contractor services

Stellar professional support for your team without any hassle for you.

Contractor services
Professional support for your IT and Digital teams

At SDH, we believe in big ideas and teams that venture to take over the world. Having a new, ambitious project can sometimes mean that certain aspects of its execution are beyond your team’s capabilities. Smart outsourcing can temporarily boost your team’s resource without sacrificing the quality of your products or your vision.

SDH Contractor Services will provide you with temporary staff members to assist your team with additional IT and Digital skills. With development hubs in Mexico and Russia, SDH can guarantee that each contractor will have a stellar skillset and optimal rates.

SDH contractors can assist you in multiple ways

Our developers, engineers, designers and other professionals can boost your team’s skills with much-needed expertise. This will ensure that you get a stellar product without compromising your timelines.

Hiring an SDH contractor will significantly lower the cost of building your new product. Without worrying about employment taxes, benefits, training and other expenses, you can focus on what truly matters.

Stay ahead of the game by hiring an SDH contractor. We focus on constantly improving our team’s skills so that we can add state-of-the-art knowledge to your team.

SDH guarantees great results and complete confidentiality

Our professionals come from a wide array of industries, so we can assure that each contractor is perfectly suited to our client’s requirements. Our team operates under strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements so you can trust our expertise, while maintaining your peace of mind.

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Time-tested expertise

SDH is a renowned figure in the IT and Digital industry. Our history stretches back for over a decade, allowing us to offer you unmatched skill and experience. Our team’s talents shine especially bright in these areas:

  • Backend

    Backend development for mobile apps and web services.

  • iOS & Android

    Creating a modern native mobile solutions with your business needs in mind. Learn more

    iOS & Android Native Mobile Applications

    In the last decade, the world has shifted to a mobile-centric perspective. Few experts could have predicted this shift, yet mobile technology has become paramount not only in our daily lives, but also in the way that businesses communicate. Mobile technology is the most important tool in both B2B and B2C interactions. This has meant that harnessing mobile technologies, in the form of mobile apps and mobile advertising, has become a growing concern for any business aiming to succeed in a competitive environment.

    At SDH, we have remained at the forefront of mobile developments for over a decade. We offer our clients unmatched expertise in developing native platform mobile apps from scratch, as well as migration solutions. The applications we develop always come from a place of deep understanding. We place tremendous value on understanding our client’s business and its customers to develop an app which will engage the required audience, while maintaining great KPIs.

    Our network of experts will help your business by developing an application which uses precisely the mobile capabilities your product of company needs. We build stellar applications that use location-based services, multi-touch, audio, video, animation, cloud synchronization and social network integration in precisely the way that will deliver the best results. Our unique team organization will ensure that our developers will deliver your order in the shortest possible timeframes.

    Get in touch now to find out how your business can benefit from our deep knowledge of mobile.

  • Web

    Building bespoke complex web-services and automation systems.

    Web Development

    With over 75% of people in the world having internet access, it’s no wonder that the face of business can now be seen online. What your customers think of you is often dictated by their web-based experience of your company. Digital technologies are developing at such a pace, that having one web solution for years to come is often impossible. A company needs to be agile and adaptable to ensure that its technologies keep up with the times.

    Whether your business needs a simple brochure website, or a complex tailor-made e-commerce platform, SDH experts are your first port of call for a brilliant online solution. Our team will not only develop the solution, we will also advise you on the best way to fulfill your business’ requirements and fit your KPIs. Regardless of how simple or complex the solution, we pride ourselves on always developing web applications and sites that function flawlessly, over-delivers on user expectations and makes your brand shine.

    Since SDH has such a wide network of experts, we can guarantee that the finished solutions we deliver to you are built with utmost care. All our digital products are hand-written by real people. That is why SDH can guarantee the quality of each line of code and ensure that it delivers tangible value to our clients.

    Contact an SDH representative to discuss your next web-based project.

  • Smart-Source Solutions

    Harnessing the knowledge of our global experts to deliver real value to our clients.

    Smart-Source solutions

    At SDH, we know that the business world is becoming increasingly diverse. New products create entirely new categories of consumers and the businesses developing these products face challenges that did not exist just a few years ago. The IT and Digital solutions required by a large enterprise are vastly different to those an up-and-coming startup needs. . As a global IT and Digital service provider, SDH benefits from the unique knowledge of our experts. Knowledge is truly power in our case. It means that we can confidently address any challenge your business may face, from enterprise application development to managing your “hybrid cloud”.

    We use our extensive worldwide expert network to “smart-source” unique know-how to help businesses improve their products, internal processes and client communication. We value the talent of our people at SDH, so we have developed a state-of-the-art internal system that allows us to use our team’s extensive skills to maximize the value we deliver to our clients. Our IT and Digital solutions allow our clients to significantly improve efficiency and enhance the user experience of their customers. All this produces a noticeable competitive advantage to your business.

    For us, “smart-sourcing” means using the best possible people to solve each problem or concern in record time. Our unique expertise, our advanced technologies and especially our stellar team are on hand globally to provide you with unprecedented IT and Digital care.

  • Software security

    Security solutions and consulting to minimizing risks in the ever-changing online environment.

    IT Security

    The business world today is more global, connected and mobile than it has ever been. Although this means that businesses have more opportunities than ever before, the security threats they face are more complex and dangerous. Cyber threats can leave a business particularly vulnerable. Preventive, rather than reactive measures are needed to minimize both security risks and costs. This means that a business has to consider IT security at every step of its development, something that can often be beyond its core team’s immediate capabilities.

    SDH has a special branch dedicated to IT Security, made up of talented experts in the field from all over the world. Our team can help your business address any security challenges it may encounter, be it from re-organizing internal processes or from implementing new technologies. Our experts are always on hand to provide integrated and comprehensive security solutions. We offer complex services, such as information systems audit and penetration testing to simple one-off projects, such as app security.

    As with everything that we do at SDH, we aim to exceed your expectation by focusing on your business’ particular needs. We are ready to offer you unmatched domain expertise, together with best-in-class standards and practices to protect all your sensitive assets from all and any IT security threats.

    Get in touch today to find out how SDH can benefit your IT security to protect your business.

Our team of digital experts is always on hand to offer state-of-the-art solutions suited for your business.

Our development hubs are located in two opposite corners of the world, with one in Moscow, Russia and the other in Los Cabos, Mexico. Our project management team is based in Los Angeles, California. This way, you can be sure that we will always have our finger on the pulse of your project, whatever your time zone.

About SDH

At SDH, our topmost value is meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations. We reach for the best possible result, aiming to “wow” our client and deliver noticeable value to their business. We’ve been doing this successfully for over a decade. From its humble beginnings, our work has grown and impressed clients to now stretch across the globe.

We’re proud to have a team that unites the highest technological skills with perceptive industry knowledge. We have created proprietary processes and methodologies to deliver the best possible results. Our experts have a deep understanding of the finance, telecom, energy, automotive, travel and aviation sectors, but we welcome collaboration with any company with a vision and a desire for perfect solutions.

Our values
  • Expertise, knowledge and innovation. We truly hold that knowledge is power and we’re willing to share this knowledge with our clients.
  • Simply “done” is not good enough. We believe in finding the perfect solution that will go beyond what is expected.
  • Global solutions for a global world. Our team is based all over the world, and so are our clients. We believe that borders exist only in people’s minds.
  • Processes and organization make ideas shine. A great idea is nothing without a logical and organized path towards its delivery.
  • If you’re looking for experienced, dedicated and innovative experts for your next big idea – drop us a line!

    Our Moscow offices take care of clients based in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

    The development team in Los Cabos works closely with clients across the United States, Canada and South America

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